Admissions Policy

Admissions Policy
Inverclyde Council is committed to the delivery of flexible high quality early learning and childcare. The admission policy ensures that places are allocated fairly and transparently. Children are entitled to 600 hours of nursery education. The following table is the intakes for nursery for the year 2015/16

Children who are 3 years of age between                 Admission Intake

1st March –31st August                                            1st intake August
1st September – 31st December                              2nd intake January
1st January – Last day in February                          3rd intake April

2 year old children
(who meet the qualifying benefit criteria)                   Admission Intake

1st March – 31st August                                            1st intake August
1st September – 31st December                               2nd intake January
1st January – Last day of February                           3rd intake April

Enrolment procedures/Open Day
If your child’s application is successful, you will be notified by letter. Once you have accepted the place you will be given a date for you and your child to come to an open day. This is an opportunity for your child to see round the nursery, meet their key worker, all the staff and fill out appropriate forms. If you are a working parent we will be happy for the child’s carer to accompany him/her on this visit. On this day you will be told your child’s start date and time.
Applying for a place
Once an Early Years application form has been completed and handed into the centre a child’s name may be placed on our NAMS system at the age of 2 years. You must provide your child’s birth certificate and proof of address when applying for a place. The information contained in the applications will be considered by the admissions panel to assist the allocation of places. Please note that the length of time a child’s name has been on the system will not affect the child’s priority for admission. If circumstances change which affect the application you should speak to a member of the Senior Management Team.

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