The technologies framework offers challenging activities which involve research, problem solving, exploration of new and unfamiliar concepts, skills and materials, and the rewarding learning which often results from creating products which have real applications. It provides progression in cognitive skills. Children and young people will develop their creativity and entrepreneurial skills and be encouraged to become innovative and critical designers of the future. These attributes are essential if, in the future, our children and young people are to play a major part in the global economy and embrace technological developments in the 21st century.

The technologies framework incorporates creative, practical and work-related experiences and outcomes in business, computing science, food, textiles, craft, design, engineering, graphics and applied technologies.

The technologies framework has six organisers, namely:

• technological developments in society
• ICT to enhance learning
• business
• computing science
• food and textiles
• craft, design, engineering and graphics.

(Curriculum for Excellence: Technologies Principles and Practice)

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