Opening Hours

Our Service
Larkfield Children’s Centre is a non-denominational centre and provides care and education for children from birth until they start primary school. The centre offers a service for children aged 0-5 in our 3 playrooms. The 0-2 room caters for a maximum of 6 children at any one time, the 2-3 room caters for a maximum of 20 children at any one time and the 3-5 room caters for a maximum of 24 children at any one time. This is in line with the Care Inspectorate that we must adhere to the following staff/child ratios:

0-2 room – 1:3
2-3 room – 1:5
3-5 room – 1:8

The centre is opened Monday to Friday 50 weeks in the year 8am – 5pm.

Morning session 8.45-11.55
Afternoon session 12.30-3.40

The centre offers a wrapround service for parents who are in employment, training or education. Please speak to a member of the Senior Management Team if you would like details of charges or any further information.

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